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About Indoor Sport Services

Ian Wilson recieves his World
Championship medal from Seb Coe

Quality, Value & Inclusivity

Indoor Sport Services have been selling rowing machines in the UK since 1983. In that time the Concept2 Indoor Rower and the sport of indoor rowing that it created, has penetrated every aspect of the health, fitness and sports markets in the UK from fitness clubs to schools, and the armed forces to the home and elite sport of all varieties. Our goal is to promote and encourage the growth of indoor rowing throughout society and within all communities, as a healthy lifelong leisure pursuit. We strive to design, manufacture, sell, and service unique products of the highest quality and value for the benefit of all indoor rowing users, customers and the wider Indoor Sport Services community.

Customer and Community Support

The heart of the Concept2 Indoor Rower is the Performance Monitor and the quality of data it provides. The accuracy and repeatability of the data separates the product from all other exercise machines and underpins the global Indoor Sport Services community. As a result we are able to offer national and international indoor rowing competitions, a global online ranking, a personal online logbook, an online forum, rowing software, rowing challenges with prizes and acknowledgment at the end, and distance clubs with incentive prizes, and schools leagues,. We also offer in-house online training advice and a wealth of support literature to help our customers achieve their goals free of charge through our website. Indoor rowing is about individuals and teams. Community is where we go for support, encouragement and competition. We are constantly striving to grow the community so that it will be relevant to all users and there for all of us.

Social Responsibility

We passionately believe that indoor rowing can be a gateway activity for better quality of life for almost everybody, and our philosophy is to build good relationships with wider society to guarantee the long-term success for the business. We currently work with the Steve Redgrave Trust, the Youth Sport Trust and London Youth Rowing to deliver indoor rowing into schools nationwide, to improve the physical activity opportunities available to children, engage those disaffected from traditional schools sports and raise activity levels and enjoyment derived from exercise. We also believe that indoor rowing should be an inclusive sport and work closely with Brunel University's Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Rowing project which has pioneered the development of adapted indoor rowing machines for paraplegics and which promises to deliver life changing long-term health benefits. We continue to sponsor the Royal Yachting Association in the form of providing product for athletes and testing and run a year round nationwide loan machine programme to enable people to stage more than a hundred races, challenges and fund-raising events each year.