The English Indoor Rowing Championships brings together people of all ages and abilities & is the perfect way to end a year of competing, whether as a team or as an individual.

The event took place 5th February 2017, and the next is planned for early February in 2018.

Racing begins at approximately 8.30am, with doors opening at 7am for competitors racing in the first event of the day. In most cases all reasonable efforts will be made to ensure 500m events are scheduled after 2K events. However of course please note that the Organising Committee reserve the right to change the order of racing at any time.

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Open Eligibility

As mentioned above this is an all inclusive event for all ages and abilities and you don't need to be a member of a club or gym. Previous Indoor Rowing competitors have been aged from 11 to over 100! Entrants travel from right around the globe, with some participants seasoned competitors and others just getting started, all of which adds to a fantastic atmosphere.


English Indoor Rowing Championships gold, silver, and bronze, medals will be awarded to the competitors finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd in all events.

Again Faster Europe will award the winners of the Men's Open Team, Women's Open Team, and Mixed Open Team a £200 voucher to spend on the Again Faster website. It can be claimed as a whole or divided into quarters for each team participant.


Team Events:

Gender - Men, Women and Mixed
Distance - 3000m
Age categories - Open (including mixed), Junior 18, Junior 16, Junior 14, Junior 12 (mixed only)
Weight - Open (any weight)

Adult Individual Events:

Gender - Men and Women
Distance - 2000m and 500m
Age categories - Open (18-30), 30+, 40+, 50+, *60+, *70+, *80+ (* 2000m only)
Weight - Open (any weight) and Lightweight (75kg for men & 61.5kg for women)

Junior Individual Events:

Gender - Boys and Girls
Age and Distance Categories - Junior Competitors will race over a time or distance appropriate to their age determined by their age on the 1st September.
- Year 7, J12 (Under 12 on August 31st 2016), 2 mins
- Year 8, J13 (Under 13 on August 31st 2016), 3 mins
- Year 9, J14 (Under 14 on August 31st 2016), 4 mins
- Year 10, J15 (Under 15 on August 31st 2016), 5 mins
- Year 11, J16 (Under 16 on August 31st 2016), 2000 metres
- Sixth Form, J18 (Under 18 on August 31st 2016), 2000 metres
Weight - Open (any weight)

All junior competitors must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Venue Directions

Directions can be found on the National Cycling Centre website here.

Venue address -
The National Cycling Centre
Stuart Street
M11 4DQ