Why hire?

The Concept2 SkiErg was designed to replicate the poling action used in all types of skiing, but offers much more than that. It provides brilliant core exercises and body conditioning as well as ski specific training. The Indoor Sport Services hire scheme provides the perfect way to get a SkiErg for your home or gym at low cost, and is the most flexible way to train and exercise on a SkiErg.

A Brilliant Core Trainer and Body Conditioner

The range of movements possible on the SkiErg concentrates the work through the upper body and core muscle groups. Exercises strengthen the core muscles, abdominals, back, shoulders, arms and legs, whilst providing a high level of cardiovascular and neuromuscular fitness. They are simple to do, can be performed at very low intensity and provide a noticeable improvement very quickly. In addition to the core and toning benefits the exercise range is superb for developing flexibility, coordination, balance and posture.

Get Fit to Ski

Whether you are a cross-country or downhill skier the SkiErg is the perfect training tool for you. It provides the combination of leg and core strength with poling action that is required in all skiing disciplines. In addition to improved fitness, balance and flexibility, using the SkiErg can help you enjoy your skiing trip right to the end.



*Fully refurbished, previously hired machine. Subject to an administration/carriage charge of £75.00 and a minimum three month hire period.

How It Works

Getting your equipment:

There are 2 different forms depending on whether the application is for an individual or a commercial institution. Once you have decided to hire simply fill in the relevant application form:

Individual Application Commercial Application


You will be asked to pay the first month's hire to buy fee(s), the £75.00 per machine shipping & handling charge† and £50.00 refundable deposit via our secure SagePay page. We will then email you a link your completed application form that you just need to sign and return to us with a copy of your passport or driving license and a current utility bill. Once we receive the paperwork, (you can fax, email or post this to us ), we will contact you to within 1 business day to organise delivery of your hire machine (Standard delivery is included and is a specified working day but no specific time can be given. AM delivery is available for £15 and Saturday delivery is available for £25).

The £50.00 deposit is fully refundable on the condition that the machine is returned in good condition and with all the items it was delivered with.

The hire fee will then be taken from your account by direct debit each month on the same date as the delivery took place until you decide to return the equipment to us.

If you fall in love with the SkiErg:

If you decide at any time during your hire period that you would like to buy the machine you have on hire rather than return it, we can accommodate this. You would be buying the machine you have on hire at a price discounted from the retail cost. Simply call us on 0115 945 5522 for details or for a quote.

Returning the SkiErg:

When the SkiErg is delivered by courier and you have set the it up, keep the packaging in a safe place (garage/shed/loft etc). If you decide that the time has come to return the SkiErg then simply repack the machine in the packaging it arrived in (see FAQs for instructions) and give us a ring and we will book a courier to come and collect the boxed machine from you on a weekday of your choice between 9am – 5pm. Should you lose or discard your packaging, we can send you a replacement at a cost of £30.

Please ensure that all items that were delivered with the bike are handed back to the courier and that the bike is in the same condition it was when delivered.

Specifically, we require the pedals, saddle, and charger to be returned, and the bike to be in a sanitary condition.

Please note that failure to provide any of the above will result in the loss of all or part of your deposit as follows:

Apply Now

Please contact us at or on 0115 945 5522 if you have any questions you'd like answering before proceeding.

Frequently Asked Questions
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