Wattbike Model B Bluetooth Upgrade

wattbike monitor

If you have a Model B Wattbike monitor (same shape as the one shown in the image above) which isn't Bluetooth compatible you can use this upgrade to add Bluetooth functionality to it. This upgrade is not available for Model A monitors.

Why Upgrade?

To use the Wattbike App you will need a Bluetooth enabled monitor

Do I need to Upgrade?

Turn on your Wattbike Performance Monitor. If you see the Bluetooth symbol before the battery readout at the bottom of the screen then you already have a Bluetooth enabled monitor and will just need to follow the steps shown in the app to activate it.

What is the cost to upgrade?

The cost of the upgrade is covered by us. You will however need to cover the cost of posting your monitor to us.

How do I Upgrade?

Please email the team on or give us a call on 0115 945 5522 and we will email you details on sending your monitor to us for a 5 day upgrade.