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View Results - 2017/2018

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Fours Eights
School Year Boys Girls Boys Girls
Year 5/629 teams30 teams5 teams3 teams
Year 76 teams7 teams4 teams2 teams
Year 88 teams11 teams3 teams3 teams
Year 96 teams12 teams4 teams3 teams
Year 104 teams4 teams3 teams7 teams
Year 113 teams6 teams2 teams1 team
Year 12/131 team3 teams-1 team
Adults4 teams3 teams1 team2 teams

How the points are worked out

Standings are calculated as a percentage of the best result in each category. So, if in Round 1 the winner covered 1,200m in the 4:00.0 they would receive 100 points. If you rowed 960m would receive 80.0 points (your metres/winners metres = 960/1200 = 80.0%). If in Round 2 the winner rows 6:00.0 and receives 100 points, and you row 7:30.0, you would receive 80.0 points (winners seconds/your seconds = 360.0/450.0 = 80.0%).