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There are 6 monthly rounds in the season and you decide how often you compete. Compete across all months to try to become the Schools Indoor Rowing League Champion, enter several months or try it out for just one month. The choice is yours!

The distance or time is written to describe how far or how long each member of the team must row for. For example 2,000m - 4 x (2 x 250m) means that each competitor must complete 250m for the team twice.

Round Details

Round Fours - Distance/Time Eights - Distance/Time Entries Close (11pm)
4 x 125m
8 x 125m
18th October 17
4 x (2 x 100m)
8 x (2 x 100m)
16th November 17
4 x 250m
8 x 250m
13th December 17
44 minutes
4 x (2 x 30 sec)
8 minutes
8 x (2 x 30 sec)
24th January 18
56 minutes
4 x (2 x 45 sec)
12 minutes
8 x (2 x 45 sec)
7th February 18
68 minutes
4 x (4 x 30 sec)
16 minutes
8 x (4 x 30 sec)
14th March 18

Bonus Round

There is also a bonus round to compete in each summer to coincide with the National School Sports Week. This is a stand alone round for teams of four only, the results do not affect your season standings.

Round Distance/Time Entries Close (11pm)
Bonus2,016m (4 x 504m)27th June 18