NOTICE: Please note that we are closed for our year end and will not be processing hire requests from 21st March - 3rd April. If you have any queries during this time, please contact us via email at or phone on 01159 455522

Rules and things to remember

Some points to remember

  1. Entry is free.
  2. Each challenge is a team relay on one Concept2 Indoor Rower.
  3. There are events for teams of eight and teams of four.
  4. Teams can choose any resistance setting. We recommended setting the damper between 1 and 3.
  5. For the Eights and Fours competition there are race categories for Years 5-6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12-13 boys and girls and male and female adult teams for parents and staff.
  6. Definition of Year Groups:
    Schools League England &
    Scotland Northern
    Republic of
    France Ages*
    - Reception P1 Y1 - - 4/5
    - Y1 P2 Y2 - - 5/6
    - Y2 P3 Y3 - - 6/7
    - Y3 P4 Y4 - - 7/8
    - Y4 P5 Y5 - - 8/9
    Y5/6 Y5/6 P6/7 Y6/7 - CM1/CM2 9/10/11
    Y7 Y7 S1 Y8 - 6ième 11/12
    Y8 Y8 S2 Y9 1st Year 5ième 12/13
    Y9 Y9 S3 Y10 2nd Year 4ième 13/14
    Y10 Y10 S4 Y11 3rd Year 3ième 14/15
    Y11 Y11 S5 Y12 4th Year 2ième 15/16
    Y12/13 Y12/13 S6 Y13/14 5th/6th Year 1ière/Terminale 16/17/18

    * Please note that Indoor Sport Services appreciate that age boundries in school years are defined differently in the separate systems. For more on our rationale please see the League Age Rationale pdf document.

  7. An adult team must include at least one staff member from the school or college.
  8. Each team of eight must consist of eight boys or girls from the same year group.
  9. Each team of four must consist of four boys or girls from the same year group
  10. Teams with a mixture of sexes are allowed, however they must compete in boy's team challenges
  11. Entries will close at 11pm on the nominated close of entries day.
  12. When not rowing, team members can hold the feet of the rower, thus saving time strapping and unstrapping feet onto the machine.
  13. Colleges and schools may enter as many teams as they like, but must differentiate them by team name if they enter more than one in the same category.
  14. Team personnel can vary from round to round, to accommodate illness, injury etc.
  15. Results must be entered online into the League website, before entries close.
  16. For distance rounds the monitor should be set for the prescribed distance before the race begins, and the finish time including the tenth of a second recorded.
  17. For timed rounds the monitor should be set for prescribed time and the finish distance recorded.
  18. For all events and all age groups team members must change after each relay leg inside the 20m zone. So, for Round 1 Eights (Y5/6-9) where the challenge is 1,000m - (8x125m) the change zone will be every 115m-135m.
  19. The rower can row in any order that they wish, but no rower is allowed to complete two legs consecutively.
  20. Standings are calculated as a percentage of the best result in each category. So, if in Round 1 the fastest Four in Year 10 rowed the 1,000m in 4 minutes they would receive 100 points. If your team finished in 5 minutes you would receive 80.0 points (winning seconds/your seconds = 240.0/300.0 = 80.0%). If in Round 6 the winning team rows 2,000m in the 8 minutes and receives 100 points, and your team rows 1,600m you would receive 80.0 points (your metres/winning metres = 1600/2000 = 80.0%).
  21. Teams from outside Britain and Ireland can enter.
  22. Each team will be able to download a certificate of their achievement at the end of the season.

Bonus Round

  1. Relay teams of 4 will race.
  2. Each rower must do a quarter of the time/distance on the same Concept2 rowing machine.
  3. You don't need to have taken part in the rest of the league to be eligible for the bonus round, all you need to do is enter your results online before the deadline to qualify.
  4. Results will be posted separately to the Main League Standings.