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Fish Game

Fish Game

The goal of this cunning game is simple: rack up as many points as you can by eating the nutritious fish while avoiding the large, toothy beasts that will send your points value plummeting to the ocean floor. The Fish Game teaches you how to modulate intensity.

How To Get

The Fish Game is available on both PM3s and PM4s:

PM3 - From the Main Menu select Fish Game. The Fish Game is automatically included in all PM3s running PM3 Firmware Version 97 (released July 2006) or later.
PM4 - From the Main Menu select Games, and then select Fish Game. The Fish Game is automatically included with all PM4s.

If you have an older PM3 and would like the Fish game, you need to upgrade to the latest version of PM3 Firmware, which you can download free.

How to Play

The game begins when you take a stroke on the rowing machine.

On the screen, you're the fish facing the onslaught of good and not-so-good fish. Move your fish up and down the left side of the screen by altering the intensity of your row. When a good fish is headed your way, align your fish with the oncoming fish and gobble it up for a points value (small fish are worth 30 points; striped fish are worth 60 points). Avoid those toothy, be-finned predators, because each time they gobble you up, they take 45 points off your points value (once you're at zero points, you won't go any lower).

Each game runs for four minutes, with a play again option at the end (it's a great way to get in some extra metres!). Your fish game workout information (time, distance, pace per 500 metres, and so on) will be logged to your LogCard (or PM3 Memory if rowing without a LogCard) just like a regular workout would be.

Download Instructions