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PM4 Racing

The PM4 was designed to communicate directly with other PM4's so that up to 8 participants can race each other without using a PC. Once configured, you can use any one of the PM4's to set up a race, have others join, and race.


The PM4 supports two modes of racing - wired (cables required) and wireless.

Cabled Racing

For wired, PC-Less racing, you need to obtain 14-15 foot (3m) 'Network' or 'Ethernet' cables with RJ45 plugs on the end. These cables are readily available from your local computer or office supply store. Do NOT get 'Crossover' cables, they will not work (crossover cables are used for direct computer to computer connections without a hub/switch in between and are usually specially marked). Indoor Sport Services recommends Shielded Cables, however unshielded cables will work just as well for most applications.

Wireless Racing

The ANT chip that is in the PM4 allows you to race without the wires under certain circumstances. The performance of the wireless racing can vary depending on the environment, distance between machines, and other factors. If you can use cables, by all means use the cables since they offer a more reliable connection. But for an impromptu race between a few rowers, the wireless capability is very convenient and easy to use.

Wireless Limitations: