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One of the things that helps to set the Indoor Rower apart from other pieces of fitness equipment is the company behind the machine. We don't believe that our role ends the moment you purchase a machine. As well as providing comprehensive customer service, if you ever have a problem or question about your machine, we have also created a wide range of support materials to help you get the best out of your investment. These include our 200 page Training Guide, motivational help, distance award schemes and the On-Line Ranking. We want to make sure you keep on using your machine for as long as it lasts - which should be a very long time indeed.

Make sure you sign up for the Online Ranking and Logbook, so that you can see how compare with people from across the world. You can also use the Logbook to keep track of all your metres so that you're taking part in one of our Distance Award Schemes. If you're ever struggling for motivation, check out the Motivational Help section, provided by top sports psychologists Headstart Consulting, or pop along along to our thriving forum where you'll be sure to find somebody who can help. Alternatively, drop us a line at - we'll only be too pleased to answer any questions or help wherever possible.