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You don't just take our word for how good the Indoor Rower is, read what some of our customers have to say. Click on 'Read more' after each testimonial to read the full version.

Best Buy

  • ...This is the Mercedes, Cadillac and Jaguar of ergometers. Read more
  • ...I have purchased many toys, cars, bikes, etc over my lifetime, but the Rower has been the most satisfying. Read more
  • ...The Indoor Rower has been the best single exercise I have experienced. Read more
  • ...I would never consider not having a Concept 2. Read more
  • ...I think it is the best overall fitness machine in the world. Read more
  • ...I have now been rowing for over ten years on a Concept 2 Model C and it is an integral part of my life. Read more
  • ...I'd like you to know that my Concept 2 is one of the best investments in exercise gear I've ever made. Read more
  • ...From my perspective, indoor rowing is the best investment of time and money a person could make. Read more


  • ...I consider rowing to be an important aspect of management of my diabetes. In addition to helping me control my weight, exercise has a direct effect of lowering blood sugar. This is what has motivated me to keep up my rowing practice for the last 10 years. Read more
  • ...I always did a lot of cardiovascular training but when I sit on the Concept 2 to do my workout I get a feeling of wellness that I have never felt before. Read more
  • ...I'm 45 now but I feel better than 15 years ago. I owe a lot of this to my Concept 2 and hope I can go on like this for many years to come. Read more

Weight Loss

  • ...I love the workout I get on the Concept2 rower. I have lost about 50 lbs since I started my exercise program, with rowing the main component, and I feel great. Read more
  • ...By March of 1996, I had lost 60.75 lbs. and weighed 130 lbs.. I had rowed my way to heart healthiness and was given a clean bill of health by my physician and taken off blood pressure medication. Read more
  • ...I joined a gym for the first time in my life about two and a half years ago. Luckily for me the gym had two Concept 2 rowing machines. I have been using them regularly and have been working on improving my speed and endurance. The experience has been terrific. I have lost 45 pounds to date and manage row faster and longer every week. Read more
  • ...I have used it almost daily since we received it and it was major reason that I lost 30 lbs in 3 months and have maintained the weight loss over the last 3 months. Read more

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Low Impact/Rehabilitation

  • ...In 1998 I started to regularly use the Concept 2 at our local gym and found that the low impact nature of rowing was the perfect way for me to keep my fitness levels up without putting any pressure on my dodgy old knee joints! Read more
  • ...As an ex-jock with a bad knee, I've found rowing to be a terrific no-impact exercise for all-around fitness. Read more
  • ...I am a previous runner who now has bad knees and Achiles' from running and found rowing/erging a great alternative exercise that does not bother the knees. Read more
  • ...As running injuries became more numerous and more serious, I had to give it up, and now I only run when I'm away from my Rower....Rowing helps me maintain fitness, and my weight, and it allows me to be injury free! Read more


  • ...My brother got me interested in indoor rowing eighteen months ago and since then it has been a love affair. I like the ability to compete and interact through the internet. Read more
  • ...I love the full body workout, as well as the monitor from which I can always create a workout goal and motivation. Read more
  • ...Now that I have invested time, effort and money into the ergo I find that I don't want to lose the "rowing fitness" that I've acquired! The website and message board is an excellent motivational tool to share training tips and enthusiasm. Read more