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Competition Managers Indoor Rowing Programme

Date Added: Thu, 26 Mar 2009

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Who Was The Programme For And Why?

The programme was targeted at Year 10 pupils that currently did not take up opportunities for competitive sport at school. We wanted to give them the opportunity to try new sports/activities that they had had the chance to try out. Those that attended were not currently engaged by traditional team based sports and not represented their school in a competitive event before.

Provision - Funding/Equipment/Staff/Facilities

The event itself did take a great deal of space to incorporate the triathlon and additional sports/activities. Concept 2 provided 25 static rowing machines as part of their schools programme and we provided each participant with drinks, info from BT and contact details for LTC. The bikes used for the Triathlon were also supplied free of charge as part of a bike recycling scheme. A coach from BT also went to work with all of the identified pupils in their schools.

Partners - Who Helped Achieve The Goals?

School Sports Partnership (SSP), Concept 2, British Triathlon (BT), AND Leicester Triathlon Club (LTC). The participants were identified through the SSP under the criteria that they had no represented school before and did not take up mainstream competitive opportunities. A format was put together by the PDM, BT and CM that would allow all participants to take part in the Triathlon and the additional activities which included: BMX, Fencing, Climbing, Boxing, Brake Dancing and Parkour. The day finished with the winners from each heat of the Triathlon competing in a final.

Impact - What Difference Did The Programme Make?

For all of the participants this was the first time they had represented their school at a competitive event. For many it was the first time they had ever represented their school. They accessed high quality coaching, high quality equipment through Concept 2 and had the opportunity to try new sports and activities and the programme has a good exit route for sustained participation.

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