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Cullercoats Primary School

Date Added: Fri, 04 Sep 2009

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Cullercoats Primary School

History: As a result of participating in the Primary Specialism Physical Education Pilot, Cullercoats Primary School was loaned five Concept2 Rowing machines for use both club activities and in lesson time. All of the staff took part in a training session to allow non specialist teachers to use them in an efficient manner. This motivated the staff greatly and years 3- 6 have been using them over the two years that we have had them. We now have only one year left with them and we are becoming concerned about the void that they will leave when they a returned.

Activities Undertaken: One of our staff, who has a Sports Science Degree and a keen interest in children?s fitness, has taken on this project with enthusiastically and has driven the activities undertaken. We have:

Effect on the school: The children have been hugely motivated by the rowing activities, particularly those who are not interested by the more traditional sports. Ofsted remarked on the fact that the children were, ?very well informed on what they can do to keep fit and healthy? and in their letter to the children they said, ?you must be some of the fittest children in the country?.

Commitment from the school: Subsequent to the loan of the machines we have made out own considerable financial commitment to promote rowing. We have purchased:

We would be extremely disappointed to lose the impetus that has been established in rowing by the loss of the five machines, and would be interested in investigating ways to ensure sustainability and build on the successes that we have had up to now.

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