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Evesham Rowing Club and Wychavon District Council

Date Added: Wed, 18 Apr 2007

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I have followed with interest the success of the Birmingham Schools Indoor Rowing Project, sponsored by the Sir Steve Redgrave Trust. Having had a large contingent from Colmers School at the Evesham Golden Mile over the last couple of years, I am well aware of its impact, and it is great now to see participants in the scheme achieving medals at the British Indoor Rowing Championships.

We are planning a similar project in the Evesham area on a smaller scale. As one of the first clubs involved with Project Oarsome, we have built a successful partnership with two of the middles schools (yr 6 -8). Now that project Oarsome has been completed, we are looking to build on its success by opening up to the wider school community, and there is much enthusiasm amongst the schools concerned as a practical and fun way to address the child obesity issue by getting pupils more involved in active sport. This is in conjunction with Wychavon District Council, who are funding a part time Community Sports Coach. As usual, however, school funds are strapped, and we are having difficulty in resourcing the indoor rowers necessary for the scheme. I have seen a very successful scheme run in Oxford by Noel Frost who has a number of children with access to the equipment. We would like to emulate this approach, and would also like to include use of the Ssentif system for both BMI monitoring and talent identification. This can be seen as I have seen a demonstration of the system and it is very impressive (apparently Lord Coe thought so too).

Robin Walker
Junior Rowing Co-Ordinator Evesham Rowing Club
21 November 2006

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