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SRT Birmingham School - Hodge Hill School

Date Added: Wed, 18 Apr 2007

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Pupil 1:

11 year old Omani came to his PE lesson and went to the corner of the changing room as he usually did. Although one of the tallest in the year he was one who carried weight and so changing in front of others was always slightly embarrassing. The corner of the changing room provided the cover he needed to 'hide'' whilst changing.

Indoor Rowing today!" said the teacher as he announced what the students would be doing that day.

"What's that?" a chorus replied.

"You'll find out" said the teacher with a grin "it's competitive and it's hard work".

In groups of five, students were taught technique and then tested over 2 minutes to see what could row the furthest. Omani was in the last batch to go. Students had been grouped by similar physiques and shapes. The bigger students went last. The faster, athletic types had gone earlier and posted the best times, some of whom were in the top 5% of the year group.

Omani sat down, strapped in and set off at a good pace. The teacher thought he would tire, that his technique would falter as fatigue set in but instead of slowing Omani increased his stroke rate and remarkably maintained his form. His facial expressions showed all manner of emotions and amused the on looking peer group who laughed somewhat mockingly until, that is, the teacher peered down at the monitor to reed out the top score for the year group not by a few metres but by over thirty metres, yes thirty metres!!

Silence was golden to Omari as he got up from his rowing machine, the others in awe of this physical achievement. Instant respect! Omani had never earned that respect on the football field, in the gymnasium or in more delicate surroundings but by good technique, sheer strength and just plain guts he now commanded their respect.

When he came back from the British Indoor Rowing Championship in November with a Bronze Medal and was hailed as 3rd in the Country, not the County but the Country! Others in his year group now deferred to the rowing phenomenon known as Omani. This success changed his demeanor, not by making him bigheaded but by giving him the confidence and self-esteem to improve in every aspect of his physical development and undoubtedly his academic too.

Pupil 2:

Douglas is a Year 11 pupil who has not enjoyed PE in his school career. He rarely brings kit and hates team games. He remains a pleasant and reasonable student. Since the arrival of the rowing machines we have coaxed him onto the machines on his own, one-to-one and he has started to enjoy his PE lessons. He brings kit and the amount of physical work he does in a lesson now is amazing from a slow start. He has even been to after school rowing! It has raised his self-esteem and improved his muscle tone and body shape. He still needs to lose more weight but he has made significant improvement.

December 2005

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