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London Youth Rowing Community Projects

Date Added: Wed, 18 Apr 2007

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London Youth Rowing is a major sports initiative which brings together the resources of the Federation of London Youth Clubs and the Royal Albert Dock Trust to launch a community based rowing programme, the first such activity with plans to operate across the whole of Greater London. London Youth and the RADT are independent charities with a common focus on providing activities for young people in London. London Youth Rowing aims to increase the number of young people exposed to the sport of rowing (indoor, water-based and adaptive rowing), and in particular, to expand its appeal to those from less advantaged backgrounds and for young people with disabilities. We work very closely with Concept 2 who very kindly provide the indoor rowing machines which are not only fundamental to the indoor rowing project but to the project as a whole.

"Charlton School students (135) and staff (35) have leapt at the opportunity of using the London Youth Rowing supplied Concept 2 rowing machines to improve their fitness, and allow competition against one and another. The 'Two Minute Challenge' has been fully embraced by all students and staff, which has no doubt heightened morale in staff and students. Barring injury, all staff and students have recorded a time for the challenge and this year's school competition has seen a number of new categories incorporated. The relays have allowed staff and students to experience teamwork and competition against fellow peers.

The machines make it very easy for the students to see themselves improve through the simple displays on the screen which is extremely important with our students. They see the opportunity of going on the rowing machines at lunch time as a reward, and all the machines are used at lunch-times, and in some after school clubs. The London Regatta Centre group have a good opportunity of harnessing the correct technique when they are away from the water. This has allowed them to develop at a quicker rate than would have been previously possible. The whole project has been thoroughly valued by the staff and it is hoped that in the future we may be able to acquire one or two more."

Howie Shearing
Head of PE
Charlton School

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