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This is a one stop shop for downloading all the resources we have available which might be useful to schools.

Schools Indoor Rowing Guide

The Concept 2 Schools Training Guide is an essential resource for anybody wanting to use the Indoor Rower in a school. As well as detailed information on technique and how to use the Indoor Rower in a safe and constructive fashion, the Guide also covers all aspects of indoor rowing in schools, from how to integrate the rowing machine into different areas of the curriculum, on how to use it to establish competitions and leagues, to detailed lesson plans, to how to raise money using the Indoor Rower and much more.

Indoor Sport Services Schools Training Guide (1.8 Mb)

ICT Training Guide

The ICT Training Guide provides a step by step guide to getting the most out of your PM3 and LogCard. It includes sections on using the PM3; setting up and using the LogCard; downloading the information from the LogCard and manipulating the data (this is especially useful for schools); updating the firmware (software on the monitor) and running races between machines.

ICT Training Guide PDF (2 Mb)

Fact Sheets

Eddie Fletcher of Fletcher Sport Science - coach to many indoor rowers including 5 time British IRC champion Graham Benton - has written a number of fact sheets for schools covering everything from drag factor to 2000m racing. Click on the links below to download the individual fact sheets or the button to download them all in one file.

  1. Damper Lever, Drag Factor and the Speed Strap
  2. Technique on the Concept2 Indoor Rower
  3. Force Curve, Power (Watts), Pace and Stroke Rate
  4. Children - Frequency, Duration and Intensity of Exercise
  5. How To Row An Indoor Rowing Race

Fact Sheets 1-5 (1.7Mb)

Technique Video

Everyone is always looking for ways to improve their training, or help them get the most out of the time they have for exercising. Here are a few tips that both the beginner and experienced indoor rower may find useful.

View Technique Video

Software Download Links

Make sure you've got the most up-to-date version of the PM3/4 firmware.

Software Downloads

Indoor Rowing Risk Assessment Template

This is a generic risk assessment template for Indoor Rowing to be used by schools and other organisations, to assist establishments with risk assessment. The form can be downloaded and amended to suit specific circumstances in which the activity is taking place.

Download Training Risk Assessment Form Download Event Risk Assessment Form