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Adapt2Row and SEN

None of the children had ever been rowing before and two of the older ones displayed such an aptitude for it that it is highly likely that they will try it again. Not only was the experience a huge boost to the children's self esteem and confidence, but it was a perfect bonding opportunity for the group and helped to form the strong ties that will hold this supportive group together for many years to come.

Kay Carpenter
Play Service Coordinator
Richard House Children's Hospice

Concept2 Indoor Rowers are a fantastic way for children with a wide range of disabilities (physical, learning and sensory) to safely access and enjoy one of the most complete, all-round physical activities available.

Increasingly popular in SEN schools across the UK, indoor rowing is an effective tool to engage children in physical activity and teach them a variety of core skills.

Adapt 2 Row Seating Systems for the Concept2 Indoor Rower

Complemtary Support seat for users who require more support than the standard seat.

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Postural Support seat designed for users who require a higher degree of support than other seats.

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Monorail complete with rear leg
and seat frame for use with the
Support seats.

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Build strength and endurance
with the new ski ergometer and
training tool from Indoor Sport Services

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RowPro software designed
for Concept2 Indoor Rowers by
Digital Rowing Inc

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IFI Approved Package

The Adapt2 Row Seating System has been designed by Simon Goodey of the UK Adaptive Rowing, it is a module system and allows you to create a support specific to the requirements of users.

The two types of seats have been designed to fit easily onto the Indoor Rower to increase the seating stability and assist with trunk balance where it is required. All products are available to order online:

We would recommend you contact either Indoor Sport Services or Simon Goodey for advice on the seats and accessories before you purchase.

SEN Packages

There is a speific SEN package of machines and accessories available at a discount in the Packages & Prices section. The discount is available when the machines are purchased with at least 2 prieces of adaptive equipment.


A simple (and FREE!) piece of third-party software, ErgChatter gives a voice to your Performance Monitor. Designed with the vision impaired rower in mind, ErgChatter announces your performance data at regular intervals as you row.

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