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Video Gallery

Sir Steve Redgrave - Indoor Rowing in Schools

Show commitment, understand what you are doing in PE and School Sport, be active and healthy, confident, develop your skills, think for yourself, build suppleness, stamina and strength, enjoy PE and School Sport!

Birmingham Schools IRC 2006

Video footage from the 2006 Birmingham Schools IRC

What does Indoor Rowing in schools mean to you?

What does Indoor Rowing in schools mean to you?

Barnet Rolling Base

The Rolling Base project in Barnet, north London is a fantastic example of how you can use indoor rowing imaginatively to capture young people's attention and show them that they can get active in some different and exciting ways. The Barnet competition team and their colleagues saw the opportunity and worked to make it happen; and when you watch this short film (made by the kids themselves) you will see the smiles they created for over 1000 young people.

Get Going Get Rowing

Get Going Get Rowing

BIRC 2006

We take a look at what BIRC is and why you should compete!

Euro IRC 2006

The European open held in Amsterdam, 2006


A video guide to getting the most out of your rowing technique

Faults and Corrections

Everyone is always looking for ways to improve their training, or help them get the most out of the time they have for exercising. Here are a few tips that both the beginner and experienced indoor rower may find useful.

BIRC 2008 Timelapse

Ever wondered what it takes to set up at BIRC? We took a timelapse video of the Saturday before BIRC.

Red Nose Row

Footage of the World Record Head2Head 100K race between Leander Club and Royces Gym, that took place at Great Marlow School in aid of Red Nose Day 2001.


Sample footage of the RowPro software 3D race animation.

John Hodgson on the BBC News

John Hodgson talks to BBC news about rowing and the BIRC.

Richard Gowler

Richard Gowler chats with us about how he used the rower to help his weightloss and thanks the Concept2 forum community for their support and encouragement.

Sir Matthew Pinsent on Concept2

Sir Matthew Pinsent CBE talks about training with the Concept2 indoor rowing machine and competing at the BIRC

The Dynamic Erg in Action

Niall demonstrates the new Dynamic Erg

Steve Backley

Retired Olympic javelin thrower Steve Backley talks about how he discovered the rower during rehab after his hip surgery.

Keith Atkinson

Keith Atkinson chats about rowing and passing 30 million meters on his Concept2

Dick and Peter Answer Questions About the Dynamic Erg

Dick and Peter Dreissigacker answer some questions about the new Concept2 Dynamic Erg

Head GB Coach Jurgen Grobler Talks About the Concept2 Rower

Head GB rowing coach Jurgen Grobler talks about how the Concept2 Indoor Rower is a vital part of their training

Andy Lyons on Using the Concept2 Indoor Rower

Andy Lyons discusses fitting in training with a hectic lifestyle and the benefits off training using the Concept2 Indoor Rower

Steve Redgrave Says: Use a Concept2 Rower

Sir Steve Redgrave talks about using the Concept2 Indoor Rower throughout his career

Steve Trapmore Training

Steve Trapmore

Redgrave - BIRC 2010 Promo

Redgrave - BIRC 2010 Promo

Steve Redgrave - White Rower

Richard Gowler Short Video

Richard Gowler explains how the Concept2 rower has had a huge impact on his life and the amazing results he has seen over the last few months.

Terry Talks Fast Track

Resident coaching expert Terry O'Neill talks about the Fast Track training program available on the Concept2 UK website.

Terry Talks about the O'Neill Test

Resident coaching expert Terry O'Neill talks about the O'Neill test and how/why it was formed.

Terry Talks Weight Loss

Resident coaching expert Terry O'Neill talks about the weight-loss training plans available on the Concept2 UK website.

Terry Talks Training

Resident coaching expert Terry O'Neill talks about the training plans available on the Concept2 UK website.

Concept2 Greg Searle Interview Sept 2011

Greg's back from the World Champs at Bled in Slovenia and takes some time to tell us about the experience, conditions and winning a silver medal.

Greg Searle's Advice on the O'Neill Fitness Test

Greg's Advice for the Joe Simpson Challenge

Greg's Advice on Rowing 5K

Greg's Advice for Rowing One Mile

Greg's Advice for Rowing 10K

Greg's Advice for Rowing 2,500m

Greg's Advice for Rowing 2,000m

Greg's Advice for Rowing The Boat Race Record

Greg's Advice for Rowing 500m

Greg Searle on the Concept2 Dynamic

Greg Searle gives his opinion on the Concept2 Dynamic Erg

How to re-box a C2 Rower

How to re-box your rower for return

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