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Dynamic Indoor Rower

Price: £1,190.00


The Dynamic Indoor Rower is designed to meet specific training needs of the competitive rowing athlete. The difference between this machine and the Model D or E is that as you row, your feet do most of the moving rather than the seat. The seat is also free to move, but due to the physics of rowing, the seat movement is minimal.

Here are some things to consider when comparing the Dynamic Indoor Rower to a Model D or E.

The Dynamic Indoor Rower offers:

  • A closer simulation of the dynamics of rowing a boat on the water.
  • A training and coaching tool that is more sport-specific than the Model D or E.
  • Similar feel to rowing on Slides but built as one compact unit.
  • A smaller footprint (76 in/193 cm) than either a Model D (96 in/244 cm) or a Model D on Slides (132 in/335 cm).

Reasons why the Model D or E might be a good choice for you:

  • The Dynamic Indoor Rower is a more complex machine with more moving parts.
  • The Dynamic Indoor Rower must be level to function properly. Leveling feet are a standard feature.
  • The Dynamic Indoor Rower cannot be separated into two parts for storage, but caster wheels (standard) make it mobile.

For purposes of general fitness, all models are equally effective.