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Performance Monitor Interface

The PMI or Performance Monitor Interface is a software tool aimed at simplifying the task of developing ICT applications that are capable of processing data from the PM3 and PM4 Monitors used on the Concept2 Indoor Rower.

The PMI is an ActiveX control designed for communicating with the Performance Monitor. ActiveX Controls are effectively self contained packages that, once installed, can be used within any Microsoft Office Application.

Once the PMI control has been referenced (or loaded) by the Office application the user has access to a suite of features and functions enabling simple and versatile access to the data provided by the Performance Monitors. By using these features the user can quickly build applications which enable communication to and from the Indoor Sport Services PMs through a standard USB cable.

The PMI is a free download and all we ask of you is to fill in a few details after the download has begun to help us keep track of who is interested in using it.

Download the PMI Application (7.2Mb ZIP)

PMI Manual

The PMI Manual is a 147 page document which aims to cover everything needed to get the most out of the PMI. It contains tutorial examples for beginners as well as being a comprehensive reference guide for advanced programmers.

The manual is included with the application download above, but can also be downloaded separately.
Download the PMI manual (3Mb ZIP)