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Indoor Sport Services Utility

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Indoor Sport Services Utility home screen

Athena LogCard Reader

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The Indoor Sport Services Utility is software that allows you to manage the workout data on your Indoor Sport Services LogCard (LogCards are the smart cards that work with PM3 and PM4 monitors). With the Concept2 Utility you can backup your workout data, chart your progress, or analyse your historical performance. There is also an option to upload your workout data directly to your Online Logbook at

If your computer is not located near your indoor rower, simply unplug the PM3/PM4 from the indoor rower, remove it from the monitor arm via the bolt on the back, and take it to your computer. When you are done using it as a card reader, return it to the indoor rower for your next workout. If you prefer not moving your PM, you can purchase a card reader for your computer (be sure to check out the device compatibility information prior to purchase).

The Indoor Sport Services Utility also has a built in updater for the monitor firmware. Each time you connect a PM unit, it will auto detect which firmware version you have currently installed and will offer an update to the latest version. You can even configure the software to download and install BETA firmware version if you would like the very latest features and you also want to be part of the testing procedure.

Warning the BETA versions are not ready for general release and may contain bugs and errors.

The Indoor Sport Services Utility is both PC and Mac compatible, and also supports use with an external card reader, which means there is no need to remove and re-attach your monitor each time you want to download a workout.

Indoor Sport Services Utility Functions

You can perform the following functions with the Concept2 Utility:

Note: If you are using a PM3 in conjunction with the Concept2 Utility to read your LogCard, all functions above that are marked with * will be disabled unless your PM3 is running Firmware Version 90 or above.


Using the Concept2 Utility is simple and straightforward:

  1. Click the download button below for either you Windows PC or Mac
  2. Install the Concept2 Utility via the setup file
  3. Once installed, double click the icon on your desktop to open the software
  4. Simply plug your PM3, PM4 or Card Reader into your computer using a USB cable (provided for PM's), wait a few minutes for your pc to detect your device and load the usb driver
  5. Insert your LogCard into your PM3/PM4. Using this method, the PM3/PM4 acts as a card reader and allows you to use the Concept2 Utility to work with the data on your LogCard



Download for Windows


Download for Mac

Note: Indoor Sport Services recommends that all PM users upgrade to the latest firmware version available for the model PM you have.

Summary of Supported Features and Versions

Operating System Versions

Windows Macintosh
Tested and supported: Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
XP Home
XP Pro
10.8 (Known Issues))
Untested, may work: 98SE
XP 64 bit
Not supported: 95

Device Compatibility

Windows Macintosh
PM3 Firmware Version 89 or below Limited Functions No
PM3 Firmware Version 90 Yes
(PM3 Firmware Version 101 required for use with Indoor Sport Services Utility 6.10)
PM4 Firmware Version 14 and above Yes Yes
Update PM3 Firmware Yes Must update to Firmware Version 97 using a PC first, then can use a Mac to install future firmware updates
Update PM4 Firmware Yes Yes

Athena ASE IIIe
(download instructions)
(A special procedure is needed on some Windows 8 installations. For help, contact
10.8: Yes
10.7: Yes
10.6: Yes
10.5: Yes
10.4.2–10.4.11: Yes
10.4.1: No
10.4.0: No
10.3: Yes
Intel Macs: Yes
OmniKey CardMan 3121
(download instructions)
Yes. If Windows does not automatically install the correct driver, you can download it from OmniKey. Also, please see information for Windows 7 users. 10.8: Yes, download driver
10.7: Yes, download driver
10.6: Yes, download driver
10.5: Yes, download driver
10.4.2–10.4.11: Yes
10.3.9: Yes
Intel Macs: Yes
All Others: Untested
OmniKey CardMan 3021 Yes. If Windows does not automatically install the correct driver, you can download it from OmniKey. Also, please see information for Windows 7 users. 10.7: Yes, download driver
10.6: Yes, download driver
10.5: Yes, download driver
10.4.11: Yes
All Others: Untested

Notes: OmniKey 4000 and 4040 may also work with the Windows version of the utility, but Indoor Sport Services does not directly support these devices. For customers using any version of Windows and OmniKey card readers, installing OmniKey Workbench software is not recommended.

How to Use

Full User Guide in our support section.


For technical support and troubleshooting any issues you may be having with the Concept2 Utility.