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Indoor Rowing Training Guide - version 2

Produced by Indoor Sports Services Ltd.

We are constantly being asked for training advice, be it for a 2,000m race, rehabilitation or general fitness. As every personal trainer or fitness expert will tell you, prescribing training is not that simple. Level of fitness, training background, maximum heart rate, history of illness, time available to train and your own expectations are just a few of the factors that need to be considered when starting any training programme.

We developed the original Indoor Rowing Training Guide to address these issues, and ultimately make sure you make the right training decisions. The Indoor Rowing Training Guide, version 2, has built on the success of the first Guide and now includes sections on Nutrition and Diet, Psychological Preparation and has input from many top rowers and coaches. The Indoor Rowing Training Guide, version 2 will help you whether you are training for a race or simply would like to achieve a more healthy lifestyle.

The Training Guide is available in three formats. You can purchase the printed version from the Indoor Sport Services Shop for £25. Alternatively, it is available to browse online or you can download it for free below..

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