Weight Adjustment Calculator

Why Weight Adjustment

The Weight Adjustment Calculator is used simply to compare the power and distances between rowers of varying weight. In most cases a heavier rower can produce more power than smaller rower, and when using the rowing machine this results in larger distance covered or a lower 500m split rate.

Originally, we used 170 to normalize the weight adjusted scores because 170lb was approximately the average weight of all rowers. But about a year ago we realized that by using a different number to normalize the weight adjusted score we could give the adjusted score more meaning.

By using 270, the weight adjusted score becomes a pretty good estimate of a person's potential speed in an eight. To put it another way, if the average adjusted score using this formula of the 8 rowers in an eight is 6:00, then that boat should be capable of a 6:00 2k race on the water—given perfect conditions and near perfect rowing effectiveness (nobody rows perfectly).

We believe that this will be approximately true for all types of crews.

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*Important: Your adjusted score cannot be entered into the Indoor Sport Services Online Ranking. Ranking results must be raw times and distances only.