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Natures Sunshine 21-Day Results Programme

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21-Day Results Programme

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Nature's Sunshine

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The 21-Day Results Program has been created with you in mind: REAL people who want REAL results. This program takes you through an educational journey of theory and practice for fast, efficient, yet long lasting fat loss results. You will eradicate sugar cravings, your palate will change for the better, your energy will soar and your body fat will simply fall away!

In 21 Days You Will:

What's Included

How It Works

Results Guaranteed!

The Fat Loss Club (TFLC) and Optimal Nutrition Clinic (ONC) is so confident in our Fat Loss, Psersonal Training and Nutrition programs ('The program'), that we guarantee you a result by the end of The Program - or your money back (minus cost of any supplement products).

The Terms and Conditions applied to this guarantee are below:

  1. You must take 'before and after' data by way of measurements, photographs and or lifestyle analysis forms and provide us with them
  2. You must adhere to the advice and requirements of The Program AS DIRECTED
  3. PLEASE NOTE: the use of any medications prior to or during The Program may interfere with the effectiveness of The Program, therefore we do not offer a money back guarantee to participants on any medication.


The purchase of the 21-Day Results Program includes the Healthy Starter Programme. This consists of The Healthy Starter Pack (detox capsules), 1 bottle of Bifidophilus and 1 bottle of Liquid Chlorophyll. However we do recommend additional products for the best results on the 21-Day Results Program. TFLC and ONC are experienced in recommending supplements that are believed to be helpful in certain situations. We do not prescribe supplements for the treatment of health conditions. Supplements are recommended as part of a healthy nutrition plan and are not to be taken as a substitute for a natural balanced diet. Certain medications may not be safe taken with supplements, we advise that you seek medical clearance from your health practitioner before commencing The Program.

Cancellation Policy

Once The program has been purchased, there is only provision for a full refund is if you are unable to begin The Program due to a sudden change in your health conditions that would inhibit your ability to take part in The Program, proof of this must be provided by way of a medical letter.


"I understand that certain elements of The Program can be physically demanding and as a consequence accept full responsibility for my participation in any exercise components provided as part of The Program. I agree to hold TFLC and all associated sponsor's, programme leaders and technical experts free and harmless of any and all liability for any death or subsequent injury/health complaint, that may result from or be aggravated by my participation in the physical and nutritional (including supplementation) aspects of this program. I understand that I should receive medical clearance for the participation in all TFLC programs and must advise my Sponsor and Programme Leader of any changes to my health and medical status throughout The Program."