Weight Loss Booklet

In order to try and help people lose weight, Indoor Sport Services have recently created a free 35 page Weight Loss booklet. Whatever your aims, the information in this guide will help you to do two things.

First it will help you answer the questions - "What should I do?", "When should I do it?", "How can I stay on track?", "Who can help me succeed?" and, most importantly, "Why am I doing this?"

Second, it will teach you some practical steps to knowing what to do, when to do it and how to stay on track. This information has been gained from experience with thousands of exercisers and many elite athletes.

The guide consists of four sections:

Section 1: Your Plan gets you to ask the questions, "Why am I doing this?", "What do I want to get out of it?" and "How am I going to do it?" and helps you to create an action plan.

Section 2: Exercise Guidance does exactly what it says. It gives guidance about exercising, stretching, warming up and cooling down.

Section 3: The Training is a training guide designed by Olympic rowing coach Terry O'Neill to allow you to improve your fitness and help you lose that fat.

Section 4: Healthy Habits is full of ideas that will help you with creating a healthy diet, what foods are recommended and what should be avoided, and some lifestyle suggestions to help you maximise the programme.

This guide does not provide you with a quick fix. Fad diets may help you lose fat quickly but that fat almost always comes straight back. We think of this as the slim slow plan. This allows you to change your lifestyle, learn habits that make your lifestyle healthier and continue with this healthier lifestyle.

Download Free Weightloss PDF (4.1mb)

Download Free Weightloss Goal Sheet PDF (519kb)