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We strongly recommend that if you are clinically overweight that you seek professional medical advice before embarking on any exercise programme.

Regular exercise will deliver numerous health benefits but unless it is accompanied by an appropriate diet then it will not yield any significant weight loss.

Weight management requires a calorific balance between the daily intake of nutrients via the diet to the daily expenditure of energy. If the daily intake of calories is greater than the calories burned then you may put on weight. If the intake of calories is less than those burned then you may lose weight as the energy deficit is made up from energy sources stored about the body.

The programme aims to reduce body weight by 1% per week. This is achieved by a total calorie deficit of up to 1000kcals/day. This should be achieved by a combination of a reduction of dietary intake and an increase in energy expenditure.

There is a hierarchy of what should be reduced in the diet and the first thing is alcohol. Weight loss = fat loss so the next thing to cut down is food containing saturated fats such as cheese and full fat dairy products. Also red meat, beef suet, and chicken skin. All deep fried foods and finally saturated sugars from sweets biscuits and cakes.

Some body types will have a propensity to put on weight while there are certain medical conditions that can lead to weight gains. If you are unsure then you need to take professional medical advice.

This programme is not designed for people whose intention it is to achieve a target weight for competition. The purpose of this programme is to help achieve a healthy lifestyle through a sensible exercise programme accompanied by a balanced diet.