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Nutracheck Food & Exercise Diary

Indoor Sport Services has teamed up with online weight management experts Nutracheck to offer an effective easy-to-use service to help you lose weight. Nutracheck supports your exercise programme by helping you to monitor the other side of the equation - your food intake.

Based on the tried and tested food diary approach to weight loss recommended by doctors and dietitians, Nutracheck offers an online version for men and women.

Keeping a food diary works by making you more aware of your eating and activity habits. It focuses your attention on things that may be preventing you from losing weight – such as portion size or foods that may be far more calorific than you realised. Understanding the balance between calorie intake and exercise is the key to successful and sustainable weight loss.

The Nutracheck online food diary links to a UK food database of 90,000 products. It has a unique picture search option so you can find what you have eaten quickly and easily. The exercise diary includes hundreds of different activities, from gym workouts and classes, to home fitness DVD’s and games consoles and physical daily tasks.

For the ultimate in convenience, Nutracheck also offers the UK’s first barcode scanning App – available for Android and iPhone - free with online membership. Read more.

Getting started

Register your weight loss goals on the website and Nutracheck calculates personal daily calorie, fat and exercise targets to achieve your desired rate of weight loss. Then start keeping your personal food diary by finding and adding food using the simple picture search. Your diary also includes a 5-a-day fruit and veg tracker and alcohol monitor to encourage dietary improvement as well as helping with weight loss.

You can add rowing to your Exercise Diary using the 'Manual add' option which allows you to enter the exact calories you've burned as recorded by the machine.

Exclusive discount for Indoor Sport Services visitors

Save 25% on a 3-month Nutracheck membership. Pay £16.49 instead of the usual price of £21.99 - a saving of £5.50. Just enter the code CONCEPT2 into the promotional code box and press the 'Confirm promotion' button before purchasing.

Note: Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Should a higher discount be available, you will be offered this instead of 25%.

Nutracheck for Men Nutracheck for Women

Membership starts from only £1.42 per week and includes:

3 good reasons to join

  1. Try before you buy with a 5-day free trial
  2. Take advantage of an exclusive membership offer for Indoor Sport Services visitors - save 25% on a 3-month membership (usual price £21.99 - special price for C2 £16.49). Enter the code CONCEPT2 into the promotional code box and press 'Confirm promotion' before purchasing.
  3. Barcode scanning mobile App included with online membership